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A beautiful vintage set of three
Beswick Seagull wall plaques

comprising of numbers 922/1, 2 and 3. 

This is the second set of seagulls designed to have their wings up and together.
They are finished with a gloss glaze. 

designed by Arthur Gredington
and were produced between 1941 and 1971.

All three Seagulls are in excellent condition,
having no chips, cracks, repairs or restorations. 

They all have miniscual crazing,
which is usual for pieces of this age.  

All  bear the back stamp
" Beswick - Made In England "
and the number 922 with their corresponding size number on the underside.   

and the black circular Beswick mark.

  This set  displays beautifully and all are in above excellent condition.

Dimensions -

   Seagull 922/1 - wing to beak - 35 cms,
beak to tail - 24 cms - 

   Seagull 922/2 - wing to beak - 29 cms,
beak to tail - 20 cms - 

Seagull 922/3 - wing to beak - 23 cms,
beak to tail - 16 cms -

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